April 28, 2019

We've just had 9 of our 14 Spring 2019 HAM Basic Course students write the HAM Basic certification exam and all 9 have passed with honours!

The other 5 students that could not write on this day have been offered alternative write dates with our accredited examiner Bill Crowther VE7VTC.

Big thanks to Bill for running the exam tonight and also for offering the alternate dates for those who were unable to attend.

Also, big thanks to the teachers who taught in this course - we really appreciate your volunteer service.

And lastly, big thanks to the students who put the time in to study and run practice exams. The work paid off with everyone achieving honours-level certification. Exceptional!

We'll hear everyone on the air shortly as registrations of callsigns are completed and radios are acquired.

Exciting times,
73 to all,
Mike VE7KPZ and the teaching team

Ps: as outlined after the exam, here are the graduates' next steps:

1. get your callsign registered
2. get a radio
3. get on the air
4. come to the next club meeting for a meet and greet (and Field Day planning session)
5. mark your calendar to attend the club Field Day 2019 event as this will be a fantastic continuation of learning