April 28, 2019

Many of you know Karl VE7ZDL from his antenna raising parties last year, NORAC club meetings, Field Day and Canada Day contest events.

Karl recently sent me an email update outlining what he's been up to. I thought it would be nice to re-post it here:

Five years ago I visited an old colleague who built his dream house in Japanese Wabi Sabi style on the island of Vieques and I brought my IC7000 with me to operate.

Last week I visited Vieques Island again (it is located between Puerto Rico and St. Croix) because the International IOTA organization gave Vieques a new IOTA designator NA249.

This time I brought my Elecraft KX2 miniature transceiver and the Italian SPE Expert 1.3K-FA linear amp. This amp is the smallest and lightest fully automatic amp and easy to drive to over a KW from the 10W max RF output from the KX2.