[VHF/UHF] Local & Regional


NORAC Club Net

  • Sunday Morning 10am - VE7RSS Repeater (146.880-)
  • Repeater Location - Silver Star Mountain
  • Net Controllers: Aaren VA7AEJ, Garry VE7EIY, Bob VE7EZI, Jerome VE7JAR, Brad VE7WBM and Jake VE7WEA


Salmon Arm

SARC Club Net

  • Sunday Evening 8pm
  • Granite Peak/Fly Hills VE7RNH (146.76 MHz -600)



OCARC Club Net

  • Wednesday Evening 7:30pm - VE7ROW Repeater (147.000+ T88.5)
  • Repeater Location - Okanagan Mountain
  • Then at 8pm QSY for HTs to VE7HOL Repeater (146.680- T88.5)
  • Repeater Location - Dilworth Mountain


  • Tuesday Evening 7:30pm - 144.200 USB, vertically polarized



PARC Club Net

  • Sunday Morning 9am - VE7OKN Repeater (146.920- with PL Tone 123)
  • Repeater Location - Apex Mountain
  • Once completed moves over to an informal Net on Campbell Mountain VE7RPC (147.120 +600)


PARC Informal Net

  • Tuesday and Thursday evenings 7:15pm - VE7RPC Repeater (147.120 +600)
  • Repeater Location - Campbell Mountain


Southern Interior of BC

Southern Interior Readiness Group

  • Wednesday Evening 7:30pm - SIRG Hub VE7RVN (444.275+ T110.9)
    (sorry no VHF at this time - waiting on a rebuild of the local VHF access to SIRG)
  • Repeater Location - Silver Star Mountain (as part of the SIRG network)
  • Net Controller - Chuck Hayes, VE7PJR of Kamloops


[VHF/UHF] National

WIRES-X Weekly Cross Canada Net in the CQ-CANADA-VE1AO Room #40678

  • Wednesday Evening 6pm Pacific - WIRES-X room number 40678
  • Repeater Location - VE7EGO UHF on the Commonage. Tune to that repeater frequency with a C4FM-capable radio in digital mode and id when asked for stations in our area.
  • This is a semi-directed net. See the website for more information.
  • Find NORAC members Brad VE7WBM Weatherill, Jake VE7WEA Wendland and Mike VE7AM Masella acting as net controllers on a regular basis.

MNWIS Fusion Tech Net in WIRES-X Room #21493

  • Monday Evening 5:30pm Pacific - WIRES-X room number 21493
  • Repeater Location - VE7EGO UHF on the Commonage. Tune to that repeater frequency with a C4FM-capable radio in digital mode.
  • Net control may be reached at net at HamOperator dot com to submit questions, announcements, or comments. This net is put on by beta-testers of new WIRES-X technology. See the website for more information.

America-Link's Round Table Rag Chew in WIRES-X Room #21080

  • Saturday Evening 6pm Pacific - WIRES-X room number 21080
  • Repeater Location - VE7EGO UHF on the Commonage. Tune to that repeater frequency with a C4FM-capable radio in digital mode.
  • This is a long net with a lot of check-ins.

Additional C4FM/WIRES-X/Fusion net info can be found here.


[HF] Regional & National

80m "Grump" Net

  • Monday - Friday 06:30 - 07:00am - HF 80m 3.775 LSB

80m Morning Net

  • Monday - Friday 08:00 - 08:30am - HF 80m 3.783 LSB
  • informal ragchew session

 BC Public Service Net

  • Daily at 01:30 UTC
  • 3.729 MHz LSB (80m band)
  • North Okanagan communities (Vernon, Armstrong, Enderby, Lumby, etc.) are part of the net's Eastern Region.
  • The regions (North, East, South, Islands, Alberta & East, USA) are rotated daily with a schedule published online at http://www.bcpsn.com/

BC Amateur Radio Awareness Net

  • Mondays at 03:30 UTC (7:30pm Pacific)
  • 3.729 MHz LSB (80m band) follows the BC Public Service Net

BC Northern Net

  • Daily at 02:00 UTC
  • 3.775 MHz LSB (80m band) follows the BC Public Service Net

The Canadian Amateur Radio Aurora Nets

  • Daily on 7.055 MHz LSB (40m band) at 23:30 UTC
  • Evenings on Wednesday and Sundays on 7.055 MHz LSB at 02:30 UTC.
  • If the regular 7.055 MHz frequency is not usable, try the alternate frequency 7.100 MHz.

The Trans Canada Net

  • Sundays on 14.140 MHz USB (20m band) at 18:00 UTC

The Noontime Net

  • Every day on 7283.5 kHz and 3970 kHz LSB.
  • The Noontime Net  is a wide-area coverage public service net serving the states of WA, OR, CA, AZ, NV, ID, MT, CO, UT and two Canadian Provinces, BC and AB.
  • This is the ONLY net of it's kind in that it operates on two (2) HF bands simultaneously, with a different Net Control Station for each band.
  • The Noontime Net starts it's informal portion of the net at 1000 PT (1800/1700 Z) on the 40 meter frequency and at 1130 PT (1930/1830 Z) on the 75 meter frequency daily. The formal portion of the net begins a 1200 PT (2000/1900 Z) with a roll call of stations starting with the first letter of the suffix of your call. On even days (2,4,6, etc.) the roll is called Alpha - Zulu; on odd numbered day (1,3,5, etc.) the roll is called in reverse order Zulu - Alpha. The Net Control keeps a record of all stations checking in. Once you've checked in, there is no need to "re-check" when your call is called during the roll call.
  • http://www.noontimenet.org