Field Day 2019 “The Big List” - June 21, 22 & 23

This working document last updated: May 17, 2019


Get Your Field Day Stoke On!

Check out the videos from last year:

[VIDEO] Field Day 2018 by VA7SZ

[VIDEO] Cranky Time-Lapse by VA7SZ

and the photo gallery:

This year will be bigger and better with more radios, more activities, more campers, more kids and even more fun.

For details on the event and official rules, please visit:

"What Is Field Day" (Printable PDF Flier)


Dates & Schedule

NORAC Club Meeting & Final Field Day Planning Meeting Thursday June 20th. The People Place, downstairs, starting at 7:30pm.

Setup Friday June 21st. Starting after 5:00pm (10:00 UTC)

Field Day Event - Saturday June 22nd - Sunday June 23rd (24 hour radio contest)

Pot Luck Supper - 5pm on Saturday June 22nd 

Teardown Sunday June 23rd after 11 AM when the event ends


Contact Information

Email me, the official event coordinator, with all of your updates and questions:

Mike VE7KPZ at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Bands and Modes

Bands: 160, 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 Meter HF bands, as well as all bands 50 MHz and above.

All modes.

Band plans (click on thumbnail for a high-resolution printable PDF):

The plan is to run 1A again this year, in casual contest style. This means one HF 160m through 10m station and one 6m through microwave station. Operators can book 1 hour blocks with their favourite logger on the station of their choice and test their contesting prowess.

We'll do a little bit of solar powered work to get some bonus points, but going 1AB is not going to be in the cards in such a lull of the solar cycle. 1AB, while giving a big power-multiplier for the QSO points, requires QRP operation. If we were just a CW and digital modes club, sure, but we want to work SSB as well, and for that you need 100 watts of RF output to get reasonable DX.

If anyone asks for our grid, it will be DO00 (Delta Oscar Zero Zero), or more precisely, DO00JK if anyone asks for a six character grid.



Task Who
Cranky - Insurance Grace VE7IGB - done
Cranky - Transport already on site
Cranky - Setup and/or Teardown VE7KPZ, VE7WWJ, VE7KBK, VE7VZ, VE7MHE, VE7TRZ, VA7AZZ, ?, ?, ?
Generator Fuel Mike VE7KPZ, Mike VE7FI
Flagging and Pickets

Ralph VA7NU, Bud VE7KBK and Keith VA7TEE. Required to mark off-limits areas (around Ralph's antenna farm, anchors and guylines, RF-exposure areas).

High flagging for adults + low flagging for kids. We have two distinct heights of humans at this event.


Signage for Parking and Camping

Parking signs and pickets required for day visitors using lower parking area. Camping signs and pickets required to identify area for overnight camping. Field Day location signs and pickets for general public and invited guests.

Jane VE7WWJ (designed and purchased, delivery pending).


Tools Best practice is for everyone to bring what you can, come prepared and keep track of your tools.
VE7KBK will bring his hi-lift hack and chain again for stake removal
Primary HF station transceiver Club Yaesu - Mike VE7KPZ, or BYOR (bring your own radio) for your turn working
VHF/UHF station transceiver Club VHF/UHF Kenwood D700 - Mike VE7KPZ
Satellite gear - Fred VA7UN
Primary HF antenna 20/15/10M beam on rotator atop Cranky - already on site
Secondary wire antenna for 40m and 80m ?
14 meter fiberglass mast and guying Mike VE7KPZ
big tree Ralph VA7NU - already on site
Primary VHF/UHF antenna colinear vertical atop Cranky - already on site
VHF SSB antenna ?
Satellite cross-band yagi antenna Fred VA7UN
6M beam antenna
for FT8
FT8 via Sporadic E is not uncommon at the end of June. A 6m station can be operated as the "free" VHF station for a while if the band is open.
This may get us anywhere from a couple of contacts up to a hundred if we catch the right band opening.
If nothing else is available, we could try it with the vertical on Doug VE7VZ's vehicle.
Logging VA7AEJ has two laptops ready to go
Internet feed and WiFi bridge and campsite AP Ralph VA7NU with Mike VE7MHE, Terry VE7TRZ and maybe Aaren VA7AEJ as techs
Contest Points Submission Mike VE7KPZ
Shelter 10x10 Picnic Tents for stations area (we need 4)
Tents for info table
(we need 2)
Station Tables (we need 3-4)
Info booth table (we need 1-2)
VA7NU with 2 tables, VE7TRZ with 2 tables
Station Chairs Operators, please bring your own chair
Plywood for solid flooring (this would be REALLY nice) ?
Headphones, clipboards, cw key, and pen's, etc. All operators bring your own, VE7KPZ club mic and cw key
Extra Points, media coverage, etc. Site Safety Officers: Kevin VE7XY with Nic VA7AZZ
Mike VE7KPZ media/political liaison
Mike VE7KPZ for solar powered activities
Official Photographer Jane VE7WWJ
Official Videographer David VA7SZ
Backup Generator Mike VE7KPZ, Mike VE7FI
Additional Radio Gear (Backup) Brad VE7WBM with his FT-991A, Mike VE7KPZ with his FT-891, Mike VE7FI (phone and digi mode HF rig), ?
Giveaways/awards/door prizes Garry VE7EIY


Location and Camping

Our host is Ralph VA7NU

Location #3780 Murray Drive, Armstrong BC.

RVs and tenters are welcome, please contact Ralph for info on the site. Please contact Mike VE7KPZ with details on what RV/tent you are bringing so we can organize where everyone will go.

We are expecting a lot more folks coming with RVs and tents this year. Unless otherwise indicated, there are no hookups or facilities available for campers. You need to be self sufficient in regards to power, water, waste, garbage, etc... although Ralph has offered up one of his toilet+sink bathrooms for attendee use. This means we won't need to rent an outhouse - thanks Ralph!

Here are the campers identified so far:

Mike VE7KPZ and Jane VE7WWJ - Unimog with home-built camper (ask Jane or Mike for a tour)
Karen VE7WBZ, Phil VE7PAZ + 3 kiddos (ages 9 through 11) - truck with home-built camping trailer (ask Phil for a tour)
Fred VA7UN - LR Discovery II with home-built roof top tent
Jake VE7WEA + 1 with car and tent
Mike VE7FI + n with vehicle and tent
Brad VE7WBM, Jennifer + 2 kiddos (ages 2, 5) - with car and tent trailer 
Mike VE7MHE with car and tent
Kevin VE7XY with pickup truck and tent
Rob (from Kelowna) with tent (Saturday night only)
Chris (from Kelowna) - TENTATIVE
Lorne VE7LWK and Denny VE7ASY - pickup truck tent - TENTATIVE


24 Hour ARRL Field Day Contest - the informal "contest" aspect of Field Day

Friday Pizza & Beer - Friday evening for setup crew. (BYOE - Bring your own beer and a couple of bucks to pitch in for pizza)

Saturday Morning Pancakes - Jane VE7WWJ and Mike VE7KPZ will be cooking Mike's-Dad's-stuffed-Dutch-style pancakes for all of the tenters who stayed over Friday night.

Saturday Club Dinner & Social - Saturday evening for club members and guests. Roast (meat) to be provided by the club. Otherwise, a potluck. (see below for more info)

Camp fire, music, anyone play any suitable instruments?

Educational activities for youth ages 4-94 - Bob VE7EZI will provide interactive educational activities around basic electronics (maker/explorer activity) and morse code (send your name). Mike VE7KPZ will bring the "fox" to hunt - it will be hidden somewhere on Ralph's property.

Information Booth - Doug VE7VZ will print some of his fantastic info pages and pamphlets on the topic of Amateur radio. We'll have a table for these and a team of Elmers will monitor the booth in case of any inquiries


Saturday Social & Supper

It is hoped that this event will be seen as an opportunity for a pleasant summer get-together for hams.

Scheduled start time is approx 5:00pm on the Saturday

Club provides meat of some sort for chef Ralph to BBQ.

RSVP and bring your own drinks/beverages. Please bring something to contribute like appetizer, side dish, salad, dessert, buns & butter, pickles, etc

Bring your own seating if the weather is nice and we can eat outside, if it's too hot or raining we may go indoors.

Who Bringing
VA7NU with Shannon Our hosts: providing facilities and BBQing the roast
VE7KPZ with VE7WWJ potato salad
VE7WEA + 1  
VE7FI + n  
VE7PAZ, VE7WBZ + 3  
VE7TRZ + 1  
VA7AZZ + 1 or 2  
VE7GGB with VE7EZI  

Rough supper count = TBD

Operator Timeslots

There will be some times when the stations will be idle, and in those cases, walk-ups are welcomed. However, some attendees will have limited time at the event and may wish to reserve a block of time to ensure that they get a chance to operate. Please either edit this article or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to put your callsign down for a specific time slot and station.

Timeslot Main Station Op/Logger Main Station Mode + Details VHF/UHF/6M Station
Sat 11 AM - 12 PM Pacific  VE7ZDL/? Phone VE7KPZ
Sat 12 PM - 1 PM Pacific VA7AEJ/VE7XNY Phone  
Sat 1 PM - 2 PM Pacific VE7KPZ/VE7WWJ Phone with FT-891 via Solar Power (for lots of bonus points)  
Sat 2 PM - 3 PM Pacific VE7WEA/? Phone VA7AEJ/VE7XNY
Sat 3 PM - 4 PM Pacific      
Sat 4 PM - 5 PM Pacific  VE7EZI/VE7GGB  Phone + CW  
Sat 5 PM - 6 PM Pacific (dinner)  VE7GGB/VE7EZI  Phone  
Sat 6 PM to 7 PM Pacific      
Sat 7 PM to 8 PM Pacific      
Sat 8 PM to 9 PM Pacific      
Sat 9 PM to 10 PM Pacific      
Sat 10 PM to 11 PM Pacific      
Sat 11 PM to 12 AM Pacific      
Sun 12 AM to 1 AM Pacific      
Sun 1 AM to 2 AM Pacific      
Sun 2 AM to 3 AM Pacific      
Sun 3 AM to 4 AM Pacific      
Sun 4 AM to 5 AM Pacific VE7KPZ/ Phone with club rig  
Sun 5 AM to 6 AM Pacific      
Sun 6 AM to 7 AM Pacific      
Sun 7 AM to 8 AM Pacific VE7WBM/ Phone with FT-991A  
Sun 8 AM to 9 AM Pacific      
Sun 9 AM to 10 AM Pacific      
Sun 10 AM to 11 AM Pacific     NORAC Net Controller