Please pass on this info to all area Amateurs:

VE7RBJ on Okanagan Mountain – 145.490 -600 88.5 FM DIG-ID 00 C4FM is now connected to Wires-X in Digital as Node 52373 VE7RBJ-RPT.

This repeater will be linked at the mostly to the CQ-CANADA room and for testing to our new CQ-OKANAGAN-BC room from time to time.

The Wires-X link is Digital only!

The repeater will operate as a FM repeater with a tone of 88.5.

It is recommended that you program 88.5 decode into all radios, as this will squelch any digital C4FM activity.

We are encoding 88.5 in FM on the output.

We are also operating VE7KEL on UHF connected to the CQ-CANADA room in digital on Black Mtn – so both repeaters will be linked over winter.

In the future this VE7RBJ will mostly be connected to its own room for Okanagan only linking.

147.000 +600 88.5. VE7ROW on Okanagan Mtn is also on the air and is FM only.

If possible use VE7RBJ 145.490 -600 in digital (analog always has priority) and 147.000 +600 for Analog.

Any feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

The 6 meter repeater is also operational on 53.250 MHZ -1.7 MHZ – it is a store and forward repeater so it will play back your message.

Unfortunately performance on 6 m is terrible at the moment, but it will allow you to test 6m and work on your antenna systems to be ready for an improved setup next summer.


Ps: check out the Okanagan Mountain Wiki.