Currently inactive, under review.


The North Okanagan Emergency Communications Group (NOECG) is a loose association of amateurs who are interested in providing emergency communications abilities to the residents, and first responders, of the North Okanagan Regional District (NORD). While supported by and operating under the umbrella of NORAC, amateurs do not have to be members of NORAC to participate.


We welcome any radio amateur who wishes to help, and has at least a VHF mobile or VHF handheld (with a reliable battery pack!). This is our first requirement and does not require any special ability beyond what we all demonstrate - the ability to talk on the radio! Development of expertise in digital communications, both VHF and HF, capability in formal messaging, and APRS capability, are all areas in which need to develop further. If you have read this far and are not currently a member of the group, live in the North Okanagan Regional District, and are interested in helping, please let us know:

  1. If you have current PEP cards, and if so their expiry date (If you don't have PEP cards, we can get them for you)
  2. If you have had any courses in the Incident Command System.
  3. Your best contact information - cell and other phone numbers, address
  4. An idea of your equipment, particularly VHF and UHF portables (and batteries), mobiles, dual-band or X-band capability
  5. Any restrictions on your involvement
  6. What interest/capability you may have in the 'secondary' functions - in particular digital data modes, APRS, formal messaging.