VE7RSS needs some love. Tasks to do:

1. water batteries
2. reseat all RF connections (including contact cleaning)
3. scan duplexer and feedline+antenna to confirm all is still good and still in tune
4. test power output from repeater at various points in the RF chain
5. general cleaning of shack (if required)

The plan is to meet up at SilverStar B-lot by the BullDog Hotel at 9 AM this Thursday. Mike VE7KPZ will check in with the main office at 8:30 AM to let them know of our presence. Then over to the ticket booth to buy half-price gondola tickets (with Mike's season pass discount should be $10 for a ride) and ride the gondola to the top where our shack is located. Once done, we ride the gondola back down to the village, just like we would if we were sight-seers.

This needs to happen this week because the mountain closes this weekend and isn't open again until July for summer season. Getting access with a vehicle is a lot harder than with a gondola... especially when there is snow on the ground. So, if we don't go now, we won't go until July or August.

If you are joining us, bring warm clothing, money to buy treats at the coffee hut or your own snacks and water to drink, a respirator (just in case a rat has gotten into the shack), good footwear for walking on snow and whatever else you can think of that might be useful.

I will bring distilled water for the batteries... Bud will bring contact cleaner... I will bring the bulk of the test tools.

The walk through the village to the gondola is very short and level. The walk from the gondola to our shack is even shorter and level. This is a VERY easy access.

Oh, bring a camera too, and do a bit of sight-seeing. It is gorgeous up there.

The trip is dependent on at least one Advanced certificate holder attending.

Access to the shack will be limited to 3 people at a time as it is tiny and we co-locate with another group. Care must be taken in the shack to only touch our gear. ;)

Please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details/to express interest in joining us.

NORAC Vice-President 2017-2019, Technical Committee member