Attention all NORAC Members.

First off, special thanks to Lorne VE7LWK for kicking off this new project with the donation of a Kenwood TS-520 transceiver, mic, power cord and manuals.
NORAC officially has a members only Equipment Loaning Library. Members can donate and host equipment that other members can borrow and use.
Here's how it works in a nutshell
  • A new menu item has appeared on the NORAC website - Equipment Loaning Library
  • Members in good standing can visit the list and review equipment available for signing out and using.
  • Signing out equipment is for any period up to one month. If at the end of the month the equipment does not have others waiting to borrow the same equipment then the original person can extend their borrow for another month if needed. The max borrow time is 3 months as long as no one else is waiting to borrow the same item. After 3 months all equipment must come back to the host.
  • We don't have storage space or a central location, so the people that donate items are asked to act as the hosts for the equipment. Example, I donate a 50 foot length of coax and HF antenna, I'll register the items in the library and keep the items at my QTH. When someone wants to borrow them we'll make arrangements for them to pick them up from me or I'll bring them to the next club meeting for a pick up. When the borrow is completed, the equipment will come back to me until the next person needs to use them.
  • Ownership, you are welcome to donate your items to the club, but we still need someone (hopefully you) to host them. Alternately you can offer to retain your ownership of the items, but still list them on the loaning library for sharing with others, in the end if you wish to remove the item from the library you can do so as you're still the owner. 
  • Please keep in mind whether it's a donation or a loaner, if the items are lost, stolen, or damaged you can't hold the member or the club liable in any way. You accept that this equipment was essentially disposable to you in it's value to begin with. You participated in the Loaning Library willingly knowing that the equipment might never come back to you, or it might be damaged.
Do you have an extra handheld, mobile, or base radio that you rarely if ever use?
Do you have a surplus of coax that can be shared?
Do you have antennas that you've built for a project and now sit in a corner of the shack?
Straight keys collecting dust, meters, tuners, hand mics, power supplies, etc?
Maybe you don't have any extra equipment to offer, but you're centrally located and have a corner in your shack or basement where you can host some donated gear for others or the club?
Wouldn't it be awesome if the newest members of the club could access this kind of gear if they couldn't afford it yet, or maybe if they simply want to experiment before making that first significant investment in something new.
Let's see if we can make a go of this.
Email me with your equipment offers or suggestions. 

Aaren Jensen VA7AEJ ...-  .-  --...  .-  .  .---