I remotely connected to our club Wires-X node PC (linked to VE7EGO - UHF) upgraded the Yaesu software, and rebooted the node after a round of Windows 10 updates as well.
Thanks to Brad VE7WBM for helping out.

NOTE to owners of the FT2DR, FTM-100, FTM-400, and HRI-200.

Please be informed that the latest WiRES-X PC Software (V1.510) has been released on the official website. Anyone using an HRI-200 and operating a Wires-X node should upgrade.
Also in the latest update are a new firmware updates of the FTM-400XD/FTM-400D and FTM-100D.

This update will enable the FTM-400 and FTM-100 to work as a WiRES-X Portable Node station.
Firmware for the FT2D was released in Jan 2019 enabling the same Portable Node Station features.