Monday 24 April 2017 Trip to EGO


VE7UIH  Ted  
VE7EM   Rick 
VA7GHA  Gary
VE7KPZ  Michael
VE7WWJ  Jane
VA7ETT  Tony
VA7AZZ  Nicholas
VE7TRZ  Terry   

Thanks to Lyle Enns from City of Vernon 250-308-9575 for bringing the key for the 911 Shack ... EGO is now labeled as Building 6 ... we have the location of an access key going forward.

1) Power has been restored to the EGO Shack

2) the remaining tower has been removed from the anchor bolts 

3) the VHF Yagi antenna pole has been straightened and reinstalled 

4) the second lock on the door is now usable

5) one Fusion repeater was installed in a rack unfortunately we didn't have any cables to completely hook up temporarily to the Yagi antenna

6) The Internet Cable was dead (no activity) ... not sure who to contact for restoring Internet

7) the HF antenna may need some work 

All future trips MUST be coordinated with Kevin at 250-744-0732 who is in charge of exploding/disposing of WW2 munitions still in the hillsides

Additional items we need to bring for Phase 2

A) 8 to 10; N-M to N-M RG-8 Cables 4 to 6 feet in length ... or we will need to purchase some connectors and cable to build on site.

B) 3"x3" 5/16" Ubolts for the Yagi Antenna

C) Zip Ties various lengths

D) Pint of fibreglass resin and hardener or hydronic cement to fill concrete around feet