Monday 22 May 2017 Trip to EGO (Phase 2)


VE7DQ   Tom  
VA7SKN  David
VE7EM   Rick 
VE7WBM  Brad (and Son)
VE7KPZ  Michael
VE7WWJ  Jane
VA7AZZ  Nicholas
VE7TRZ  Terry   

1) the tower is now back up

2) installed a 1 bay VHF antenna at the top of the tower donated by Ralf VA7NU 

3) the fusion repeater was turned on using temporary 147.380/147.980 (cans were tuned to these frequencies for Aaren ... until we get some cans tuned to an acceptable 145MHz frequency we will run in this mode unless there are complaints) 

4) cables from the trailer were used to complete the connections to the repeater

5) the repeater is currently set for auto receive (digital/analogue) and tx analogue ... the power is currently set to medium power

6) The Internet Cable is still dead (no activity) ... still not sure who to contact for restoring Internet

All trips MUST be coordinated with Kevin at 250-744-0732 who is in charge of exploding/disposing of WW2 munitions still in the hillsides

Additional items we need to bring for Phase 3

A) UV tolerant Zip Ties various lengths

B) Pint of fibreglass resin and hardener or hydronic cement to fill concrete around feet

C) 2 or 4 bay antenna

D) move IRLP equipment back at EGO?

E) #8 or #10 1/2" stainless bolt to fix a rivot on one of the cross members