NORAC members can pay their annual dues or make donations using two different methods.

1) The old reliable Canada Post with a Cheque, or

2) On the Internet using your PayPal account or a Credit Card.


Q: What is PayPal?

A: PayPal is a service that accepts Credit Card transactions on behalf of sellers and buyers.

If you are a seller, you can easily accept payments by allowing PayPal to be your online shopping cart. They take care of security and provide a system that's easy to implement into your existing online store or website.

Buyers are protected by PayPal in many ways. You essentially use them as a middle man when dealing with an online vendor whom you may have some worries about trusting? For example instead of giving your credit card info to a random stranger on eBay, you can have a large reputable vendor like PayPal act as the middle man. With PayPal in the middle, the person on the other end get's paid, but they don't get your payment information like credit card numbers etc. 


Q: Do I need a PayPal account?

A: No, you can use PayPal without an account, these types of transactions are all treated by PayPal as single credit card transactions.


Q:What do I get from a PayPal account?

A: With a free PayPal account you can use PayPal quicker since your key information like credit card numbers, addresses, etc are stored in your account for easy access. You can also link your account to a bank account instead of just a credit card. With an account you get transaction history, additional protection, etc.



How to pay NORAC using PayPal.

Let's get started! From the main NORAC page browse down the left side About NORAC menu and click on Join NORAC 

2013-10-09 10 44 20-Home

The Join NORAC page requires all the information to be entered. Please go slowly and complete every field that applies.

Name, Callsign, Email, Phone, Address, etc. all need to be completed.

Everything in the yellow highlighted areas in the image below will require your attention.

Please take note of the 3 questions at the bottom about memberships, these require answers.

Don't forget to check the checkbox on the disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

When all your information is checked, double checked, then click on the PayPal button.

th 2013-10-09 10 47 25-NORAC   North Okanagan Radio Amateur Club

After a few seconds of clicking the button on the NORAC page, your web browser will take you to a new PayPal page.

On this first page you have a choice to make;

  1. I'm already a PayPal member and I want to log in
  2. I'm NOT a PayPal member and I want to complete a single transaction using my Credit Card.

For the purposes of this Instruction we are going to click on the lower link titled Don't have a PayPal account? this will skip any confusing account creation or sign-up and go straight to making a payment online.


th 2013-10-09 10 53 12-Pay with a PayPal account - PayPal

Here we are, the meat and potatoes. Get out your Credit Card.

As you can see from the yellow highlighted area below you need to fill in some information.

Country, credit card number, expiry date, and the 3 digit security code from the back of your card.

Your name,  address, and email should all be competed already, this information was carried over from the NORAC form that you completed earlier.

When your completed, click on Review and Continue.

Sorry I don't have screen shots from this point on, but it's not difficult and your 99% there. Just take your time and read final screen and then complete the transaction.


th 2013-10-09 10 55 11-Pay with a debit or credit card