The process has started. The forms to request 2 new DR-2X repeaters (with networking) as trades for our existing DR-1X repeaters are filled out and have been submitted to Yaesu.

It may take up to 8 weeks to get the new repeaters, but hopefully we'll see them sooner.

In the meantime, I will plan a site visit with Terry VE7TRZ to do some maintenance at the VE7EGO site. I'm also hoping we can get some of our VE7EGO antenna upgrades going sooner than later. Both the 2-bay UHF and 4-bay VHF folded dipole antennas are sitting in my backyard, begging me to be installed and put into service ASAP.

More updates as I have them,
NORAC Vice President

Update 2018/05/29 - Yaesu informs me that our application to upgrade both repeaters is approved. Yay!

Update 2018/05/31 - Shipment picked up from Yaesu by FedEx. Expected delivery in approximately one week.

Update 2018/06/07 - Shipment arrived at VE7KPZ's QTH. We'll next check firmware on the units to make sure it is current, and then plan to head up to the EGO site for the swap.

Update 2018/06/11 - Firmware is already up to date so nothing more to do but install the units. So, Terry VE7TRZ and Mike VE7KPZ swapped out the repeaters today. VE7EGO VHF and UHF are now both DR-2Xes. Both repeaters are running Auto Mode Select so they can be used via classic FM or C4FM. For FM users, we do have a 123 Hz output tone on FM so that you can keep these frequencies in your memory scan bank without opening squelch for digital traffic. Our WiresX node is still currently linked to the UHF repeater... and we'll make the final decision on where it will link to at our September club meeting.

Update 2018/06/21 - Old DR-1X repeaters shipped back to Yaesu.

Update 2018/06/29 - Old DR-1X repeaters received by Yaesu.