Field Day 2018 “The Big List” - June 22, 23 & 24

Dates & Schedule

NORAC Club Meeting & Final Field Day Planning Meeting, Thursday June 21th. The People Place, downstairs, starting at 7:30pm.

Setup Friday June 22rd. Starting after 5:00pm (10:00 UTC)

Field Day Event - Saturday June 23rd - Sunday June 24th (24 hour radio contest)

Pot Luck Supper - 5pm on Saturday June 23rd 

Teardown Sunday June 24th after 12 noon when the contest ends.


Contact Information

Email me: Aaren (VA7AEJ) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

My home number is (250) 547-9672 (with voicemail)

My cell is (778) 212-0790 (phone, text, voicemail)


Tasks (Volunteers Still Needed)

Cranky - Insurance - Grace VE7IGB

Cranky - Transport – Already Onsite

Cranky - Setup and/or Teardown – VA7AEJ - VE7KPZ - VE7WWJ - VE7VZ - VA7SZ

Generator Fuel - Michael VE7KPZ

Tools - Best practice is everyone bring what they can, come prepared 

Station #1 - Club Yaesu FT990 – Bob VE7EZI 

Station #2 - Club VHF/UHF Kenwood D700 - Michael VE7KPZ

Logging - Aaren VA7AEJ - two laptops (primary and backup)

Contest Points Submission -  Aaren VA7AEJ

Shelter 10x10 Picnic Tent - Got 2, need 2 more  VA7AEJ, VE7EZI,  (1 ea.)

Station Supplies - Tables, chairs?  Operators bring your own chair   Tables - VA7AEJ, VE7PAZ (1 ea.)

Plywood for solid flooring - Phil VE7PAZ

Headphones, clipboards, cw key, and pen's, etc. - All operators bring your own    VEZEZI club mic and cw key

Extra Points, media coverage, GOTA, Novice station, etc. - VA7AEJ Site Safety Officer (100 pts.)

Official Photographer – Jane VE7WWJ

Backup Generator - Michael VE7KPZ

Additional Radio Gear (Backup) - Brad VE7WBM (bringing the club's Kenwood HF transceiver)



Our host is Ralph VA7NU

Location #3780 Murray Drive, Armstrong BC.

RV's and camping is welcome, please contact Ralph for info on the site.



24 Hour ARRL Field Day Contest

Friday BBQ & Beer - Friday evening for setup crew. (BYOE - Bring your own everything)

Saturday Club Dinner & Social - Saturday evening for club members and guests. BBQ beef provided by club. (see below for more info)

Camp fire, music, anyone play any suitable instruments, anyone wanna provide recorded music via boombox or otherwise?

Radio Projects? Anyone have any ideas? VE7KPZ - will bring the "fox" and if anyone is interested, they can bring their VHF directional finding gear and have a go at finding the fox hidden somewhere on Ralph's property.


Saturday Social & Supper

It is hoped that this event will be seen as an opportunity for a pleasant summer get-together for Hams 

Scheduled start time is approx 5:00pm on the Saturday

Club provides a beef roast for chef Ralph to BBQ.

RSVP and bring your own drinks/beverages. Please bring something to contribute like appetizer, side dish, salad, dessert, buns & butter, etc

Bring your own seating if the weather is nice and we can eat outside, if it's too hot or raining we may go indoors.

  • VA7NU - Beef for BBQ
  • VA7AEJ - 18 Corn on the Cob and slab of butter
  • VE7KPZ - VE7WWJ Potato Salad
  • Zaugg Family (5) - Buns and Dessert
  • VA7EM - hors d’oevres 
  • VE7EZI, VE7IGB, and guest
  • VA7SZ, VA7KB 

Rough supper count = 16 ?