May 20, 2018, Falkland, BC, Canada.

Amateur radio volunteers greatly contribute year after year to the success of the annual Falkland Stampede parade and parking operations. This year we had a record turnout of volunteer HAMs providing over 100 cumulative volunteer service hours to the community event.

Big thanks go to Carol VE7SHS and Mel VE7STR as the hosts and organizers of the parade marshaling and parking coordination service. Not only did NORAC club members and HAMs from neighbouring clubs have a chance to put in some volunteer hours honing their radio operator skills for tactical comms, but the camping at Hotel Stratton (Carol and Mel's backyard) was great as well.

After the service work, everyone enjoyed a potluck BBQ with grill master Garry Garbutt, VE7EIY.

Here is the list of volunteers (in no particular order), each providing approximately 5 hours of community service:

Carol Stratton, VE7SHS
Mel Stratton, VE7STR
Ken Williamson, VA7IR/VE7CMT
Jane Weitzel, VE7WWJ
Michael Van Kuyk, VE7KPZ
Ray Zahara, VE7RGZ/VA7RAY
Hans Rooy, VE7OHR
Dona Rooy, VE7ODR
Doug Wirsz, VE7VZ
Lana Fukumoto, VE7LRF
Ted Bates, VE7UIH
Terry VE7TRZ, Patricia and Nadine Rudersdorfer
Nicholas Rudersdorfer, VA7AZZ
Brad Weatherill, VE7WBM
Aaren Jensen, VA7AEJ
Orrin Kalk, VE7DTN
Robin Hickman, VE7HMN
Mary Hickman, VA7MCH
Linda Garbutt, VA7CAV
Garry Garbutt, VE7EIY

Please let me know if I've missed anyone.

NORAC Vice President