May 16, 2020 - Vernon BC
Hi All,
The VA7OKN repeater is back on the air, at a new location (Garry VE7EIY Garbutt's house) with a new purpose:
Repeater Callsign - VA7OKN
UHF - Mixed Mode
Analog - CTCSS Tone 100.0 Hz (TX and RX) 
NXDN - 6.25Khz (Very Narrow) with RAN Code 1 (TX and RX)
VHF - remote base
146.900 - 
Analog - Tone 123.0 Hz (TX and RX) 
Link - VHF <-> UHF - Normally on.
Disable link 213 - Enable link 212
Operational Notes:
- Cross mode. A user on VHF analog has the ability to talk to a NXDN digital or analog user on UHF and vice versa
-  It is recommended a user decode the UHF repeater with 100Hz tone. This will prevent the user from hearing NXDN data when the repeater is used in digital.
- 4 repeater modes are available (all are mixed mode) 
** Default analog + Low & High Power
** Default NXDN + Low and High Power  
** 4 db difference between Low and High Power
Enjoy the repeater as it is open for all amateurs to use however I encourage you to support your local club with a membership or donation to support efforts & costs in maintaining local repeaters.   
The specs!
Antenna System
- UHF antenna  - 7.2 db Diamond X-50A antenna - coax 50 feet LMR-400
- VHF antenna - 3db Maxad Antenna - coax 50 feet LMR-240
UHF Repeater TX Power Specifications
-Repeater TX Power -  High - 31 watts - Low 12 watts
-Duplexer Loss 1.4db
--TX Power after duplexer loss  - High - 22 watts - Low 8.6 watts
-LMR 400 cable loss 1.4db
--TX Power after cable loss  - High - 16 watts - Low 6.25 watts
-Antenna gain 7.2db
--Effective Radiated Power (ERP) High - 84 watts - Low 33 watts
--Receiver unmutes at .2uV - 5-6 db of receiver hysteresis 
VHF Remote Base TX Power Specifications
-Repeater TX Power -  7 watts
-Duplexer Loss N/A
-LMR 240 cable loss 1.5db
--TX Power after cable loss  - High - 5 watts
-Antenna gain 3DB
--Effective Radiated Power (ERP) 10 watts
--Receiver unmutes at .18uV - 5-6 db of receiver hysteresis
FYI and 73,
A note from Mike VE7KPZ: this is a great system to showcase how NXDN compares to analog FM in a weak signal scenario.