21 caps ordered as of 03-28-2020

Here are the Black and Grey samples presented at the Feb 2020 NORAC meeting. These are the open-back version being ordered. The closed-back style was a late request and no samples exist yet.

Working with a local small business we have put together a great offer for a personalized club ball cap.

Starting in March 2020 these custom black or grey ballcaps will be available for online order for anyone interested.

The hats all have a common styling as seen in the photo above. The colors selected are from our club logo. Creating hats with our official club logo was considered but it did not allow for the large easy to read text as seen in our samples.

Hat details

  • Two choices of color - Black or Grey.
  • Two choices of the back on the cap - Open back with a velcro adjustment strap - Closed back in two sizes (S/M or L/XL).
  • Large yellow lettering for your personal callsign (5 or 6 characters).
  • Medium red lettering for your first name.
  • Small white lettering for our club initials N.O.R.A.C.

The price for these hats is being used as an ongoing fund-raiser for the club. We've set a price that covers our expenses while also donating a small amount to future club activities.

So how much are they?

$20.00 for the open back design

$30.00 for the closed back design

The first round of orders will be at this introductory price as we're doing one bulk order with the embroidery shop after taking all of your orders in the month of March 2020.

After this first club sized order is processed the hats will remain available for all new and future members at a slightly higher 'one at a time' price of just $25 or $35 each.

To place your order please click on the link at the top or bottom of this news article.

 Order Your Personalized NORAC Ball Cap