Longtime NORAC member and volunteer Mel Stratton passed away this last week. The entire club sends it condolences to his wife Carol, daughter Diane, and their extended family and friends.

Mel and Carol have been active members of NORAC for many years. They were famously the camping hosts to NORAC members during the May long weekend Falkland Stampede and Parade. For many years they were also actively involved in marshaling the parade.

This information about a memorial was posted by his daughter Diana on Facebook.

Saturday September 14th from 2-6pm Carol and I will be hosting an Open House at 2909 Chase-Falkland Road to celebrate the life of Mel Stratton. Please join us in sharing some memories of Mel! Posters with particulars will be posted around town with further details. But for now- mark your calendars!

During the Sunday September 1st 2019 NORAC weekly net it was announced that Mel had become a silent key. Members shared memories and condolences. One of the memories shared was a photo of Mel's mobile Ford powered HF rig. He would drive the truck to a nearby summit in Falkland and operate.

Shortly after the net Annie VY2AMF shared the photo with me, she had a copy because Mel had made a QSL card from the photo and her son Wilf had received the QSL card from a contact that they had in the early 90's.