March 27, 2019 - Vernon, British Columbia, Canada

Lots of fun was had today setting up Brad VE7WBM's new HF vertical antenna, a Hustler 5-BTV.

The 5-BTV is a 5 band vertical HF fixed station antenna workable on 10, 15, 20, 40 and 75 or 80 metres.

Members of the antenna raising party included Grace VA7GGB, Clyde VA7EIM, Ted VE7UIH, Jane VE7WWJ, Mike VE7KPZ, Brad VE7WBM and son Byron with daughter Josie (both HAMs-in-training).

First was to pound 5.5' of the 8' fence post into the ground at the proposed antenna location. Brad and Mike confirmed the location, Brad did the pounding with Mike's trusty post-pounder and then Mike and Byron cleared the area for any stray tree branches that might interfere with the antenna. Mike and Byron then attached the antenna mount to the pole in prep for the antenna raising.

Back in the carport, Grace, Clyde and Brad got to work assembling the complex beast that is the 5-BTV. With Ted's arrival, Clyde and Ted then proceeded with the coax termination and soldering for good measure.

Then the antenna was carefully carried to the mount and installed in place vertically. The coax was attached in anticipation of the tuning exercise to follow at a later date.

So, Brad is half way to being able to use the antenna. Outstanding tasks include:

  • dig trench for coax burial from antenna location back to outside of house near station location
  • install PL-259 end on outside coax
  • install lightning/static suppression device on ground rod
  • run coax through house wall to station
  • install PL-259 ends on inside coax
  • connect coax to lightning/static suppression device and seal with special coax sealing tape
  • tune the antenna

It was a very productive morning in the spring sun. Big thanks to everyone who came out and especially for Grace's baking - yum.

It was fun,
NORAC Vice-President 2017-2019