At the January 17, 2019 club meeting, the buzz was all about the DC power analyzers that Aaren VA7AEJ and Mike VE7KPZ were using to monitor DC power consumption.

Mike's meter can be purchased here at

Update at 2019/01/28 - looks like the above link is sold out. Still a decent price here or here or here or here. Really just do this search and take a look for the cheapest one that looks the same as below.

This one will need connectors of your choice added to the wires. Mike highly recommends Rosspar for all of your Anderson connector needs.

If you like the Anderson SB50 connectors, this one is also a great value:

This is Aaren's meter:


Take the labels off both Mike's and Aaren's meter and, oh my goodness, they are exactly the same unit.

Compare to the PowerWerx analyzers here and here at many times the price (and in USD).