The results are in...
NORAC placed 64th overall in the 1A Category for Field Day 2018. I think that's the top result for NORAC in the last 6 years!
Class A — The most popular operating category, these are Club or NonClub groups of three or more people who set up a temporary/portable Field Day site away from their usual stations or locations: 1,253 entries or 43.2% of entries overall.
Class 1A — The subclass we operate under where the Club or NonClub use a single (1) HF transmitter. VHF stations are permitted as well but do not count as an additional transmitter. 
Drilling further into the 1A Category results we were 8th overall out of other Canadian clubs. The other 7 Canadian clubs ahead of us were all from Quebec and Ontario. 
So in the 1A Category we were;
  • The top 1A club in Western Canada
  • The top 1A club in BC
Other nearby Canadian clubs in the 1A results
  • #67th - VE6NQ - Calgary Amateur Radio Association - Alberta
  • #81st - VE7CW - West Kootenay ARC - British Columbia
  • #92nd - VA6WCT - Whitecourt AmRad - Alberta
Thanks to everyone involved in Field Day 2018. Your work and enthusiasm has paid off.
Aaren Jensen VA7AEJ
NORAC President