We recently found the duplexer had gone off, drastically blocking the transmit side of things for the VE7EGO UHF DR-2X repeater.

Today, Mike VE7KPZ visited Ralph VA7NU to get the duplexer re-tuned.

While on site at Ralph's QTH, Mike also put the club's generator into storage mode by draining out all of the old gas, re-filling it with Aspen4, running the generator for about an hour, letting it cool, topping the tank up with more Aspen4 and finally packing the generator back into Cranky's secure storage box.

With a freshly tuned duplexer, tweaked to show just 0.5 dB insertion loss and around 90 dB separation between TX and RX, Mike returned home to make plans for re-installation of the duplexer at the VE7EGO site later this week.

Big thanks to Ralph for his continued storage of Cranky as well as his exceptional duplexer tuning skill.

And yes, this time we did tighten the rod nuts. :)

FYI and 73,
NORAC Vice President 2018/2019