VA7OKN, located up at SilverStar on 146.900- T123 is set to be retired.

The repeater was put into service for HAM use in 1999, on repurposed commercial hardware that had been taken out of commercial service in the mid 1990s. We're not sure how long it had been working commercially before then, but needless to say, this repeater is old.

Over the last year the repeater has gone progressively more deaf and mute... and as we have another SIRG-network-linked VHF repeater atop SilverStar, the decision was made by the repeater's owner to finally decommission it.

This is a smart move, as SilverStar is a congested RF site. One less frequency in use up there is a good thing for all other stations, especially if there's any question about the radio hardware.

We'll miss VA7OKN, but on to new initiatives.

NORAC Vice President