Thanks to the 14 awesome volunteers who endured the weather yesterday and helped out marshalling the Winter Carnival Parade.

NORAC  Participants  -- 2017 (57th) Vernon Winter Carnival Parade

Ted Bates  VE7UIH

Bob Byrne  VE7EZI

Lindsay Gavel  VE7LPG

Murray Hainer  VE7MH

Gary Hayman  VE7GHA

Genevieve Jackson  VE7GNY

Bob Lindley  VE7BSL

Dodie Lindley  VE7DLT

William Mastop  VE7WJM

Claire  VE7WJM (XYL)

Rick Phillips  VA7EM

Nic  Rudersdorfer  VA7AZZ

Terry Rudersdorfer VE7TRZ

David Skelhon  VA7SZ


Thanks to David Skelhon for supplying some pictures of everyones effort, a new photo galery is already online.