March 30, 2022 - North Okanagan, BC

David VA7SZ and Mike VE7KPZ really like operating outdoors. It's usually a lot quieter than at the QTH and the Parks On The Air programme is very active with lots of chasers, so activating from a park is very rewarding.

We were recently looking at the parks map for our North Okanagan area and noticed a couple of neat spots were not included in the program. We got in touch with the Canadian mapping coordinator, Pierre VE2GT, and submitted the metadata for a couple of new park candidates.

We're happy to announce that both candidates were accepted and are now part of the Parks On The Air programme:

Both locations can be operated from vehicle at the parking lots or truly portable a short walk into the parklands.

Additionally, we have been sending updates for latitudes and longitudes for parks in the area that were previously not showing up on the map. So, if you like using the POTA map, it has a lot more dots on it now for our area.

Enjoy these parks and your radio,
David VA7SZ and Mike VE7KPZ