Saturday, February 5, 2022 - Vernon, BC
Congrats to the entire team that pulled off a fantastic job with marshalling the parade this morning:
  • Bob VE7EZI (prep and actual)
  • Wilf VE7OHM (prep only)
  • Garry VE7EIY (prep only)
  • Terry VE7TRZ
  • Nicolas VA7AZZ
  • Richard VE7NT
  • Genevieve VE7GNY
  • Doug VA7CPS
  • Jake VE7WEA
  • Jane VE7WWJ
  • Michael VE7KPZ

And it was nice to see our special guests who dropped in to witness the skill in action:

  • Lindsay VE7LPG
  • Trudy VA7US
We had fresh newbies (to parade marshalling) mixed with old familiar faces. Everyone jumped into their jobs and did them well.
Special thanks to Wilf VE7OHM and Garry VE7EIY for the prep work with the repeater. The performance of VA7OKN was fantastic.
Special thanks to Bob VE7EZI for all the mass of organization work in preparation for this successful event.
And wow, what a gorgeous 6 Celcius sunny day - perfect for a parade in February.

NORAC Community Service Coordinator

Ps: With each member on-site volunteering approximately 4 hours of their time, that adds up to around 36 hours of service provided to the community. And then with Bob and Wilf and Garry's preparatory time added to that, we're totalling about 50 hours total service.

Pps: some pics from the event:

Bob, coordinating.


Parade entry #1.