Here are some notes on uploading images to the NORAC website. Most often this is when members want to add images to an Article, or their Swap and Shop posting.

These tips are in no particular order and are suggestions for best practices.

Sizing your Images

  • NORAC's website is hosted for FREE, we are limited to the overall size of our site and photos represent the majority of space consumed. 
  • Images to be used in a News, Calendar, or Swap & Shop article should resized to 640 pixels wide (max). 
  • Images to be used in an official club Photo Gallery should be a max resolution of 1280 pixels wide or 1280 pixels tall depending on the photos orientation (portrait or landscape).
  • Images to be submitted to the admins for the front page rotating banner must be 720 pixels wide by 200 pixels tall.

 The Media folders in Joomla are used as follows

  • Please do not upload images to the root of the Media folders.
  • Year folders (2018, 2019. etc.) are the main folders for uploading photos used in an Article in that given year. Inside each year folder you can organize the photos by creating additional folders (if you wish), or by just uploading them to the root of the year folder.
  • The Swap-and-Shop folders are for images related to ads. Please upload your ad images into the correct year and then the Swap subfolder.
  • The Docs folder is for uploading document files like PDF's
  • The Tutorials folder is for images that will be embedded in Tutorial & Guide articles.

Media folders reserved for Admin use only please

  • The Banners folder is for the banner ads related to our club sponsors / supporters.
  • The Buttons folder is for system button images.
  • The Gallery folder is for the official NORAC Photo Albums only.
  • The Random folder is a legacy folder that we're trying not to use anymore.
  • The Random-Images-Logo folder is for the banner photo that rotate automatically on the main page. These images are all formatted to be a specific height and width and they are managed by the admins.