Hi NORAC members and friends,

Some of us are planning to activate VE-4089 Silver Star Provincial Park this Wednesday morning with Parks On The Air.

At this point in time, the endeavour is very tentative on work and family commitments, but if the calendars stay clear, there could be a decent group of us up at the Silver Star E parking lot.

We've been informed that a group out of Ottawa, including the one and only Denis Rule VE3BF (net control for the C4FM Cross Canada Net among others), will be doing a CNPOTA activation in Ontario that day. They will be activating ON12 - Battle of the Windmill National Historic Site of Canada - American invasion mission foiled, 1838. They expect to be on the air on 20m by 8AM Pacific time and be done by 10AM.

So, our aim is to be up on site by 7:30 AM and setup to attempt to chase the ON12 CNPOTA activation by 8 AM. Denis and group will be calling as VE3AIR somewhere around 14.250 MHz with their 20m antenna pointed West.

If David VA7SZ comes along, he'll bring his newly proven 20m delta loop, his FT-891 and his new 20Ah LiFePO4 battery for powering.

If Mike VE7KPZ comes along, he'll bring his Wolf River Coils TIA for 20, 40 and 80m operation, his FT-891 and his now-proven DIY 10Ah LiFePO4 pack for powering. He will be joined by his trusty logger Jane VE7WWJ.

We may be joined by Bob VE7EZI, Brad VE7WBM and possibly you.

With the temperatures expected to be -10C or so, we will likely be working from within our cars.

When we switch from chasing CNPOTA to calling for POTA, we will look for a clear calling frequency and then update https://stats.parksontheair.com/spotting/ with details. We may also need a volunteer with a Facebook account to spot us on the POTA Facebook group.

With a big group running multi-multi, we'll likely use the VE7NOR callsign. Otherwise it'll be personal callsigns.

We need 10 contacts to activate VE-4089. Time on the mountain will likely be 2-3 hours.

If Mike VE7KPZ attends, there will be 4 seats in the Touareg with seat heat, 1 seat without, and 2 seats already filled.

If interested in joining us, meet us up there for somewhere between 7:30 and 8 AM Pacific time.

Hope you can come play radio,