The Big White Winter Rally will take place December 7-9, 2018 at and around the Big White ski area near Kelowna BC. If you like to see cars going FAST on snowy roads, this is the event to attend... or volunteer at.

The rally is ALWAYS looking for volunteers, especially HAMs. Several members from OCARC as well as independent HAMs from all over BC and AB offer radio service for the rally event.

Most commonly, HAMs are utilized as "blockers" of side roads on the rally circuit. This consists of primarily sitting in your warm vehicle, working the radio and watching the great racing action. If someone comes up the road and tries to access the hot rally course, then you go into action and stop them until the course is cleared. But it is rare to see many people out on these forestry roads. Otherwise, you will just be calling car numbers as they pass. So, it's an easy way to help out with the HAM skillset.

Of course, you ideally need a 4wd vehicle with good snow tires and a full tank of fuel. Mobiles are best but HTs will work from some blocker locations. Cross-band repeat capability is also potentially an asset if you want to get out of the car for a bit. Use your HT on UHF and cross-band repeat via your mobile to the VHF repeater frequency used by race control (if your mobile is capable of doing so).

Check out the rally infos here:

Get more information on volunteering here:

Register as a volunteer here:

Mike VE7KPZ and Jane VE7WWJ of NORAC have pledged to attend the event this year with Mike primarily volunteering with HAM radio in hand.

If you need more info, please contact me, VE7KPZ. Find my contact infos in the club address book on this site (member login).

Oooh, do note that the organizers offer free (shared) accommodations at Big White, food and a banquet at the end with a great final meal and prizes. To ensure accommodations are available for you, the organizer does require you to officially volunteer before November 10, 2018 so that the room(s) can be booked.

It is possible to bring friends with you to hang out while you volunteer radio service. Everyone needs to sign legal releases, but you won't have to volunteer alone. Make a party out of it at your blocker position. In my case, I'll be joined by Jane VE7WWJ and my nephew wherever I am stationed along the rally course.

If you are interested in seeing some of the action from last year's rally, check out these videos on YouTube.

FYI and 73,
NORAC Vice President 2018/2019