November 5, 2019

Fred VA7UN (and his team of dedicated assistants) have been doing numerous tasks up at the new Okanagan Mountain repeater site in an effort to get as much done before the snow flies.

The most interesting recent addition is the 6m FM repeater. In truth, Fred is waiting on the duplexer to be delivered, but the "repeater" is listening on the input frequency and transmitting on the output frequency via a "store and forward" mechanism.

Key the 6m repeater on the input, say your message, and then unkey to listen to the output where your transmission will be replayed. Currently no tone is required to key this repeater (for testing), but eventually a CTCSS tone of 88.5 Hz will be required. The frequency is 53.250-1.7M for this 6m repeater.

Thanks Fred and team for all of your efforts this year to get this site on the air!