28 October 2019 afternoon

Texted Kevin (Commonage Bomb Patrol Official) to notify him of site visit plans, but the text was NOT delivered ... # 250 744 0732 no longer in service?

Kenwood TK805D node radio female DB9 connector re-configured to match the PiRLP4 male DB9 pin out.
The original IRLP cable was also modified to match the new radio setup ... the intent being the original IRLP will still work ... per David VE7LTD, the 2 nodes cannot be on at the same time but the old IRLP hardware can still work as a backup stand in.
Installed PiRLP4 at EGO plus left the original IRLP box at EGO.

Brad VE7WBM remotely tested the IRLP operations to confirm all was working prior to my leaving site.

Texted Kevin on the way out ... text still not delivered.

At home confirmed that the PiRLP4 answered to its new SSH login with new passwd.

Terry VE7TRZ
NORAC Technical Committee Lead