On this trip the team installed the DC powering cable for the Yaesu DR-1X repeater that we have temporarily acting as VE7RSS while we await the repair of the previously failed controller. Testing was performed on the DR-1X's actual power output as well as a double-check on the SIRG link's duplexer tuning that was suspect from a previous check-up.


Terry VE7TRZ, Mike VE7KPZ


After checking in at the main office on the third floor of the building above the rental shop, we were given a HT by operations staff (channel 1) and permitted up the mountain. We called every km up and down the Pinnacles run but by the time we came down, the office and patrol offices were closed. We called on the radio to see if any operations staff were still on site and one person responded and provided a suggestion as to where to leave the HT.

Silver Star operations staff have been very accommodating on our many visits this year and we greatly appreciate their support. Clear communications with them has made for a great relationship.

VE7RSS - Notes

The temporary Yaesu DR-1X (that is standing in while the controller for the Daniels repeater is repaired) got a DC powering cable installed. We then proceeded to test the DR-1X running on DC only. It has a very elegant failover and back when AC power is removed and re-applied. Big thanks to the stations that responded to our "all stations" calls to test.

We then also tested the power output at both the back of the DR-1X radio and at the connection to the antenna. At the back of the radio, we read 16-18 watts of power output on our Surecom power meters. At the connection to the antenna we read 12 watts of power. A note to all reading: the DR-1X can only be run on medium power (20 watts as per the specs) for 100% duty cycle. With around 12 watts effective power, it'll be great to get the Daniels back on air with it's external 100 watt power amp.

Some additional observations to note: 1, there is no RF output power difference if on AC or DC power; 2, there is no option in the DR-1X control panel settings to enable an "on DC power" audible indicator.

VE7RVN - SIRG Hub - Notes

Terry VE7TRZ wanted to double-check the SWR readings for the SIRG UHF duplexer that we made on a previous visit. Another scan via Terry's MFJ SWR meter showed at back of radio 449R275 SWR high 4.1, best at around 447.50 with SWR of 1.3. At back of radio 444T275 SWR of 1.3. So it looks like the duplexer does need some tuning for RX. Terry has passed this information on to Jesse, the prime maintainer of the SIRG network and the man with the equipment to tune a duplexer easily.


1. Get RLC-4 controller fixed/replaced so we can get the Daniels repeater back on the air for VE7RSS. Petition Jesse to prioritize this fix.
2. Get the SIRG UHF duplexer re-tuned for efficient RX. Again, Jesse is the man for this job.