September 29, 2017 - Trip to the VE7EGO Site on Commonage and VE7RSS Site on SilverStar to Move a DR-1X Repeater to get VE7RSS back on the air until the old controller is repaired/replaced


Today we took VE7EGO's UHF Yaesu DR-1X repeater off the air, de-racked it and transported it to the VE7RSS site. This repeater works without a controller as there is a controller built into the unit. We then programmed the DR-1X to act as VE7RSS in fixed analog mode with medium power setting (18-20 watts) to provide 100% duty service while the old controller for the Daniels repeater is repaired.


Terry VE7TRZ


For the Commonage site, Mike VE7KPZ called Kevin at 250-744-0732 who is in charge of exploding/disposing of WW2 munitions still in the hillsides. No voicemail this time so a nice chat with Kevin was had. Kevin indicated that he appreciates both arrival and departure notifications for visits. Arrival was covered by the phone call. Departure notification was requested by SMS text message, which Mike sent.

For the SilverStar site, Terry VE7TRZ went to reception on the third floor of the building above the rental shop and contacted operations. They provided Terry with a radio for calling on the way up and down the Pinnacles run. Terry made all calls and returned the radio to the patrol building upon departure.

Tasks Undertaken:

We first turned off the Yaesu DR-1X running VE7EGO UHF at the Commonage site, de-racked it, marked and tidied up cables. Then off to the SilverStar site where we racked the repeater and changed the following:

1. Frequencies changed to RX 146.280 MHz, TX 146.880 MHz.
2. ID changed to VE7RSS.
3. All other settings the same as was setup for VE7EGO UHF service: TOT is 5m. Power medium. CW ID every 30 minutes. Etc.

Then we hooked up the cables from the duplexer to the RX and TX on the back of the repeater and did some call tests. First remote response was from Enderby - Tym VA7GE - good signal report.


The Yaesu DR-1X can be backup powered via a 12 volt DC connection if it loses mains power. Next trip to the Commonage site, we will dig up the cable, wire in an in-line fuse, and then head up to the SilverStar site and connect the repeater to the battery bank. Or course, if the old controller is fixed/replaced before then, no need to do this as we'll move the DR-1X back to the Commonage site where it previously was.


The repeater is a TEMPORARY solution.
The repeater is only running at 18 to 20 watts output.
There is no courtesy tone (not an option with this repeater).

Once we have the repeater controller issues solved we'll make a date to move VE7RSS back to the higher-powered Daniels repeater as well as getting the SIRG hub and LIME link back online.