After some feedback from last nights June club meeting, I implementd some changes on the new website.

The About NORAC menu

Located on the left side of the page this now has all the menu items displayed at the root, instead of nested at lower levels of the menu. This makes it much easier to see all the options on the menu in one glance from the Home page.


If you remember the menu before it was much shorter, but you had to click around to find everything. After this change the only menu item which has items nested within it is the Photo Gallery. When you click on this menu item it will expand to reveal all the individual galleries that have been uploaded so far. There are more to come.

The Club Address Book

This was not a new request but I just needed the time to setup the proper security model for our privacy.

There is now an up-to-date (I hope) list of all club members and their contact info (phone & email). This is a secure page only viewable by club members AFTER they have logged into the site.

user menu

It is located on the User Menu at the top left and is only visible after you log in. A special security flag is turned on in every user profile that indicates you are a club member with an active membership. Without this flag in your account you would not be able to see this information.