June 18, 2012


Just a quick update on NORAC's APRS I-gate and mountain top Digipeaters: Looks like the Scaia Mountain APRS digipeater has been MIA since May 17, 2012. This is the last time that an I-gate on the network has heard from this digipeater.

Click here for more stats on the Scaia Digi:


VE7RSS digipeater up on Silverstar is working really well:


The Thynne Mountain digipeater above the Coquihalla between Merritt and Hope has been working like a champ and picking up stations from Washington state and the Fraser Valley:


The VE7EGO Commonage Mountain Digi has been made into an I-gate thanks to a work party of Todd (VE7MTS) at the site and myself (VE7MLX) on Skype from my house in Mill Bay on Vancouver Island. It sure is nice to have high speed at this site for remote support. Thanks to Jesse for putting together the server and original T2 APRS digipeater at this site also. This I-gate is to replace the one that was located at the home of Doug (VE7TVT) and is no longer in service. Thank you Doug for housing NORAC's equipment for years! Much appreciated!


If you are wondering who is being tracked on APRS, a good website to check out would be APRS.fi This site uses Google maps and you can punch in and track individual stations and look up their statistics. Click here to have a look: http://aprs.fi

Have fun & enjoy!

Matt, VE7MLX