June 2024, Invermere and Merritt, BC

NORAC members Mike VE7KPZ and Jane VE7WWJ provided volunteer radio support service for both the Rocky Mountain Rally and the Pacific Forest Rally this year.

At RMR, based out of Invermere BC, the team took on the role of spectator radio on the Saturday and a radio blocker position on the Sunday.

At PFR, based out of Merritt BC, the team took on the role of radio support newbie coach on the Friday and a radio blocker position on the Saturday.

For each event, to get there, support the event and then get home, it is approximately 4 days of service per person... so in total that's about 16 days of volunteer service rendered.

Of course, there was "payment" in the form of having a first-hand view of the rally action... but really it is the local community that benefits immensely from the massive influx of tourist dollars related to each event.

If you might be interested in taking on a challenging volunteer radio position at a future event, email Mike at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.