Thursday, September 17th is our next scheduled NORAC club meeting. September is the last regular club meeting of the year before our Club AGM in October. So over the next two months are the last two meetings of our club's operating year.

As current club president, I think it’s important to try and hold these meetings as normally as possible even if that means doing it online on Skype. I know from the last ham classes in the spring we did well converting quickly from in-person classes to online classes on Skype. The club Executive also jumped on Skype to hold a couple of emergency meetings on behalf of the club.
As we already have Skype tested and working with all of the executive and many new members from the classes, I propose that all other members consider testing their Skype and getting ready to attend these next two important meetings of our year-end starting in 3 weeks time.

I will volunteer to organize people on Skype as well as testing and some instruction if required. If anyone else is Skype proficient and wants to help others with remote Skype setup and testing please let me know. Skype is available for almost every device, you can do it from your Android or Apple smartphones or tablets, Windows 10 has Skype built-in from Microsoft, and Skype of Apple is also available for iMac’s and Mac laptops.

My skype ID is aarenj , if you already have a Skype ID and want to join the meetings please find me on Skype and I’ll add you to the meeting group I’ve started.

If you need help with getting Skype working please reach out to me by phone or email and we’ll schedule some time to work on it. My home phone is 250-547-9672 and my email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


73 and Stay Safe
Aaren Jensen VA7AEJ ...-  .-  --...  .-  .  .---