June 9, 2020

Mike VE7KPZ has ordered the 2 x HAMwan CPEs (one primary, one spare) required to setup a wireless internet link between the VE7EGO repeater site and the HAMwan implementation on Turtle mountain. This will facilitate an alternate internet connection for the mountaintop shack.

While many HAMwan folks are recommending the MikroTik RBLHG-5HPnD model for it's great receive performance (due to a large dish), this unit is not really meant for a windy mountaintop repeater site.

Instead, Mike has chosen the latest generation in the MikroTik SXT line, the RBSXTsq5HPnD model (front/back):

This CPE has a little lower gain, but shoots out a bit more RF power (if needed) to overcome it's gain deficiency. Survivability of this unit is much higher for windy locations with an upwards of 200 km/h wind rating.

Check out the brochure here.


The units were ordered from BC supplier Solimedia. We look forward to their arrival so we can get to work setting up the link.

FYI and 73,
NORAC Vice President and Technical Committee Lead