February 1-2, 2020
Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

The first weekend in February is when the Orca DX and Contest Club holds it's BC QSO Party - an event to encourage BC HAMs to get on the air. This contest is unique to BC in that participants attempt to make QSOs with BC stations in all 42 BC federal electoral districts. This makes for a real challenge, and for longer QSOs as a good portion of the time you're trying to figure out in which federal electoral district a BC station's QTH resides.

Earlier in the week, Kevin VE7XY had contacted Mike VE7KPZ and Jane VE7WWJ to see if they would want to work the contest together. This sounded like a good idea so Mike pushed off some work to a colleague and Jane closed up her studio to free the weekend to "play radio".

A couple of options for locations were proposed. The first was at BEAR, but Mike VE7FI could not make the event and so we had to look elsewhere. Next was the OCARC Chute Lake HAM shack, but Kevin really wanted to go camping. So, the decision was to head out of Kelowna towards the actual Chute Lake on the Gillard FSR and see what nice spot we could find.

Kevin had already done some reconnaissance on Friday night, so he knew there were some nice spots just outside of town with great views back towards the metropolis of Kelowna. The QRM would be low so we'd have a good chance at making lots of QSOs.