The cross-Canada C4FM net takes place in WIRES-X room 40678 (CQ-CANADA-VE1AO) every Wednesday at 6 PM Pacific time. Local access from Vernon and surrounding area is possible via NORAC's 442.500 mid-level repeater located on the Commonage. Set your Yaesu C4FM radio to 442.500+ in the DN mode and check in when our province is called.

On March 27, 2019 the net had a special guest doing net control: our very own Brad VE7WBM. Many club members know Brad as the guy who started as a member of the net control team for the club's Sunday morning net immediately after getting his Basic with Honors certificate. Many club members also know Brad as the guy who was awarded Ham Of The Year after his very first year with our club.

In recent months, Denis VE3BF, the primary net control for the cross-Canada C4FM net, had been asking for good folks to help him out. Denis is also net control for a couple of other HF nets, he's the RAC QSL card hub for VE3RAC and lately he's been trying to become top operator with CNPOTA.

If you were on frequency and caught the net, you'll have heard how well Brad did in keeping the net moving. Not only did he manage to keep track of all stations, but he also set the stage for some great net traffic with a couple of great topic questions.

We hope to hear Brad on the air as net control again. Stay tuned to 442.500+ with your Yaesu C4FM radio in DN mode every Wednesday at 6 PM local time to find out. Alternately, hook your hotspot up to reflector FCS 3.19 (FCS00319) to participate with any digital radio. Lastly, if you really want to get on this net, don't have a hotspot and only have a VHF C4FM radio, give Rick VA7EM a call and ask for his private WIRES-X node info.

FYI and 73,
NORAC Vice President 2017-2019


About this picture: Brad VE7WBM runs the Cross Canada C4FM net while Terry VE7TRZ prepares for the NORAC HAM Basic course delivery on Wednesday night. Mike VE7KPZ attempts to study for his Advanced certificate, but instead gets carried away in Terry's great linear DC power supply interactive build demo.