A big thank you to all of the club members who came out and volunteered for this service event.

Those members included: Brad VE7WBM, Ted VE7UIH, Murray VE7MH, Bud VE7KBK, Terry VE7TRZ, Nic VA7AZZ, David VA7SZ, Jane VE7WWJ, Mike VE7KPZ, Molly V?7??? (TBD when she finally gets her license), Aaren VA7AEJ, Grace VE7IGB and our fearless volunteer service leader Bob VE7EZI.

I know many of our volunteers booked off regular work to be able to volunteer for this event - thank you!

With each member volunteering approximately 4 hours of their time, that's 13 x 4 = 52 hours of service provided to the community. And then with Bob's preparatory time added to that, we're totalling about 60 hours. Kudos again to Bob and all of our volunteers.

The staging of the parade was not without it's trials and tribulations this year, but we pulled it off. Bob and Brian (the organizer) again put the floats in order on the map so all we had to do was direct folks to their numbered cones. We had to deal with some no-shows, some overflows and some position swaps, but in the end the parade marched forward and there were a lot of smiling spectator faces.

Next year I'd like to propose we put a radio operator full time with Brian and his team of organizers. We might even run a net control to efficiently deal with whatever comes up.

The weather held out for the parade which made for a large audience, and that's what it's all about: putting on a great showcase of what makes the North Okanagan great. The pirate theme was also quite fun.

Thanks again to all of the NORAC club members who came out to volunteer,
NORAC Vice President 2017-2019