NORAC received a letter from Bob Riley VE7FPK in December 2018. Here is an HTML reproduction of that letter.


December 2018

I write to inform the Amateur Radio Operators (HAMS) and Shortwave Listeners of BC about changes coming to the park lists of the World Wide Flora and Fauna in Amateur Radio.


WWFF encourages amateur operators to activate either portable or mobile from natural settings such as National Parks, Provincial Parks and other outdoor settings. Awards can be earned by activators, and listeners. Listeners fall into two categories - licensed hams who complete a qso with a park activator and shortwave radio listeners who cannot complete a contact.

Please review the WWFF in Amateur Radio website if you are not familiar with it. It is at The identifier VEFF and it’s web page is at To view the current map of all the parks in your area play around with the map at Change the city from Amsterdam to your city and province and hit locate, then click the yellow highlighted WWFF and select VE Canada from the dropdown list. It will zoom you to the East coast but you can scroll back easily to BC. Click on a Maple Leaf to learn about the park.

Early in each year the participating nations in WWFF are able to update their list of spots to activate by an addition of 500 parks. 160 of the 500 Canadian parks added this year will be in British Columbia.

VEFF encourages both the amateur radio hobby and the enjoyment of the natural splendour of British Columbia. I acknowledge that some parks in B.C are a real challenge. They can be both a challenge to get to and then a challenge to make any contacts. I recently spent several hours on the shores of Cultas Lake in Cultas Lake Provincial park and managed only 2 - one in Chilliwack and one in Tokyo Japan, both on 20m SSB.


Good luck with your activating! Bob Riley VE7FPK