Our wonderfully generous web host Provision Data out of Kelowna contacted me yesterday about updating the server that our website sits on. I did some quick backups and told them to go for it.

Today they notified me when they were starting and when they were done.

I inquired if the PHP version on the server had updated because our version of Joomla (the CMS that our site runs on) was out of date and we haven't been able to update Joomla for about a year now.

Nathan generously went back in and updated to the latest version of PHP that their system could support.

Post upgrade of their server software I did another quick round of backups and then proceeded to update our Joomla to version 3.9. This is the absolute latest version of Joomla (released today! Nov 16th).

After that I was able to update two of our extensions that manage our backup software and admin tools.

Hence the title of this update.

Updates on top of updates, on top of updates

Thanks Provision Data and Nathan for incredible service as usual.