The following minutes are up for review and adoption at the April 19, 2018 meeting. Please review now and inform This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if there are any changes required. Paper copies of these minutes will be available at the meeting for final review before adoption vote in the meeting.

NORAC Secretary


NORAC Monthly Meeting March 15, 2018

Executive Present: Aaren Jensen VA7AEJ, Michael Van Kuyk VE7KPZ, Tracy Boiselle VE7XNY, Brad Weatherill VE7WBM

Members Present: Doug Wirsz VE7VZ, Murray Hainer VE7MH, Grace Byrne VE7IGB, Bob Byrne VE7EZI, David Skelhon VA7SZ, Nicholas Rudersdorfer VA7AZZ, Clyde Blyth VA7EIM, Rick Phillips VA7EM, Merlyn Meyer VE7MZP, Lindsay Gavel VE7LPG, Ted Bates VE7UIH, Alva Grouwstra VE7EGX, Jane Weitzel VE7WWJ, Terry Rudersdorfer VE7TRZ, Watty Whatmore VE7WTE

Guests Present: Johann Schroeder (Hans) VE7KHS

Meeting called to order 7:31pm
Motion to adopt February minutes by Ted, second Rick. Passed.

President’s Report: Thanks to Brad, Mike and Tracy for looking after January and February meetings. Aaren got a participation ribbon for his CW Course.

Treasurer Report (Grace): Jan 31 5352.77, got 500 from winter carnival. 594.74 for RAC insurance, cost is down from last year as more club members are members of RAC. Feb 28 balance 4758.02 savings 1501.16.

VP Report: Haven’t yet followed up with Fred about 2-bay UHF antenna for EGO to replace the single amateur whip currently attached to the power box. Mike did attend a Kelowna club meeting. Membership is aging and community service is dropping off. Mike is going to try writing a Grant Application this fall to get funding for upcoming club initiatives.

Education Report: We have 6 students committed to the Ham Course that starts Sunday. Nic is going to call Elaine and get the proper key for Sunday.

Technical Report: Waiting for snow to melt and mud to dry. Waiting approx 2 months for Mike to have some available time. Silver Star is still “motor boating” and will still need some work.

EComm: Nothing really happening.

Service: May long weekend, Falkland parade is a go. This is the 100th anniversary. Bob is working on getting things organized.

Old Business:

Directors meeting on March 4th. We are now under deadline for new societies act. We have until this fall to make the necessary adjustments. Got the template that was used by the Kelowna Club. We have the re-worked wording to ensure club inclusivity. Doug VE7CPS is taking on the project to re-work and write our new Constituion and Bylaws. Doug is looking for people to proof read and provide ideas. He just needs someone to help with perspective. Mike KPZ and Bob EZI are willing to look through it and help. Societies Act is looking for more simplifying/generic wording.

Associate members can be open to anyone.

New Business:

Now under a deadline for several issues with BC Hydro.
Scaia Mountain lease is up for renewal with BC Hydro. Jesse has a new repeater group/association and is willing to take over the lease. Scaia requires special safety training to be able to attend/access the site.

Bob EZI moves that we gift Scaia and Tynne Mountain repeaters to Jesse Lloyd for his new repeater group. Second by Murray MH. Motion passed.

VE7RIP: Aaren was contacted by BC Hydro as they are officially shutting the site down. If we want the building and half of the tower, it’s ours. We have to negotiate with Department of Defence for rent and power. The consensus from senior members was to abandon the site.

Terry moves that we decommission the VE7RIP site pull out our gear. Second by Lindsay. Passed.

Nic went to Dennis Glowa’s memorial. The kids now just want to get rid of the equipment. Rick EM will go with Nic and Hans KHS to have a look.

Presentation by Mike VE7KPZ on the upgrade program from Yaesu to upgrade from a DR-1X repeater to a DR-2X repeater. Current upgrade and rebate program ends June 30, 2018.

Motion by Terry to upgrade both Yaesu DR-1Xes to Yaesu DR-2Xs during rebate program. Need to spend approx $3,000. Second by Rick. Passed

Discussion on the motion included (but not limited to): With the decommissioning of of RIP, we have a “new” backup repeater for RSS in the event it goes down again. It can be hooked up and “turned on” via remote DTMF code for an emergency backup.

The Yaesu DR-1X proved very flexible when the controller for RSS failed last fall and one was put into service as ‘RSS’ in only 4 hours (including the travel time from one site to the other). The DR-2X would have the same flexibility if necessary.

Motion by Rick to spend insurance money on the program of upgrades and closing the insurance account. Second by Terry. Passed.

Discussion on the motion included (but not limited to): We haven’t done any major upgrades to our equipment in several years. We are a non-profit group. Also looking at preparing a gaming grant application and would like to show progress on projects. Adjourned @ 9:06pm.