Terry VE7TRZ, our technical director, has brought back our IRLP node from the dead.

Repairs included, but were not limited to: a new computer power supply, replacing capacitors on the motherboard, a new hard disk drive, an OS reinstall and a configuration migration from the old failing drive.

This is a special node being that it is the second IRLP node (in the world) to be put on the air. With the circa 1999 hardware resurrected, it's back on the air, at a temporary location (Brad VE7WBM's QTH) until we get back up to the Commonage/EGO repeater site where it will continue to live.

Now we would like you to test it.

Give us feedback on it's function. Levels have been adjusted with our testing so far, but let's see how it works with your radios.

You can hit it the normal way (via the VA7OKN repeater).

Thanks Terry for the massive fix-up and Brad for the temporary hosting!