Wednesday 23 August 2017 Trip to EGO (Phase 4)



VE7KPZ  Michael

VA7NU  Ralph

the lovely woman who accompanied Ralph whose name and callsign I unfortunately forget

1) Ralph personally delivered the 4-bay VHF antenna to the site. Ralph and Michael unloaded it and with Bob's direction, stored it leaning against the North side of the shack. The antenna has an N-type male connector just a short ways past the end of the main structural tube, so in order to install it, we will need a coax extension cable with N-type ends as well as tape to seal the connection made outside on the tower. We will also need galvanized brackets to install this antenna on the tower, although we may be able to re-use the brackets from the single-bay antenna if this 4-bay is going to be a direct replacement.

2) Bob brought the newly made plaque (commemorating the tower to Kevin Keinlien) up to measure for a bracket. Bob will now make up a no-drill bracket to mount the plaque to the tower. This will be installed on our next visit.

3) Michael inspected the tower leg cement patch work that he applied during the last work party. Next work party he will apply some sealant to fill the remaining small gaps to hopefully ensure no water penetration over winter.

Trip was coordinated by Bob with Kevin at 250-744-0732 who is in charge of exploding/disposing of WW2 munitions still in the hillsides.

Still to do Phase 5

A) #8 or #10 1/2" stainless bolt to fix a rivot on one of the cross members

B) mount the plaque (with bracket) commemorating tower to Kevin Keinlien

C) IRLP and any other equipment that was removed from EGO should be relocated back to NORAC's EGO shack ... Jesse??? 

D) Seal tower legs with weatherproof outdoor caulk to ensure zero water pentration over the winter.

E) Determine plan of action for the 4-bay antenna and implement it.