Monday 17 July 2017 Trip to EGO (Phase 3)


VE7KPZ  Michael
VE7WBM  Brad 
VA7AZZ  Nicholas
VE7TRZ  Terry   

1) Nicholas torqued ALL the tower bolts from top to bottom

2) Nicholas also installed a UHF/VHF Whip Antenna at the top of the tower
3) a Second UHF/VHF Whip Antenna was installed on the Hydro enclosure 

4) the 147.380/147.980 fusion repeater ID settings were set to 30 minutes with a 5 minute alligator ... As discussed at our June NORAC meeting we are going stick with this frequency instead of attempting to find a duplexer tunable to 145MHz range... the TX/RX are now both set to AUTO 

5) the Second Fusion Repeater was re-configured to match the current repeater so it could be tested ... it tested fine ... NOTE if the SQUELCH is turned down too low the Setup panel is locked out (continuous hiss on receive which is re-broadcasted) ... had to disconnect the Receive and turn up the SQUELCH in order to set this repeater up

6) Reset the Second Fusion ID to VE7EGO (So both the VHF and UHF have the same Call Sign) and frequency to 439.800 - (434.800) ... hooked the receive to the antenna on the top of the tower and the TX to the antenna on the Hydro box ... both TX/RX are set to AUTO ... ID is set to 30 minutes and alligator set to 5 Minutes ... power set to medium 

7) Measured the 147.38 fusion TX power at 18.6 Watts (Medium setting) concerned that I was only reading 0.186 watts at the output of the duplexers at the feed point to the antenna ... can anyone clarify if we need to do something with this  

8) Michael sealed the tower base with ready mix cement (Cement $12)

9) Michael and Brad took all the debris to the dump (Charged $5 for dumping fee)

Trip was coordinated with Kevin at 250-744-0732 who is in charge of exploding/disposing of WW2 munitions still in the hillsides

Still to do Phase 4

A) #8 or #10 1/2" stainless bolt to fix a rivot on one of the cross members

B) mount a plaque commemorating tower to Kevin Keinlien

C) IRLP and any other equipment that was removed from EGO should be relocated back to NORAC's EGO shack ... Jesse??? 

D) there is a question of whether the Fusion Repeater can be set to have a TAIL beep ... it wasn't clear from the setup panel ... is anyone familiar enough to know if this is available