The NORAC Club AGM was held last week. Attendance was lower than we had hoped but there were just enough people to hold the meeting and the elections for the new executive.

Bob Byrne (VE7EZI) was elected club President for the next one year term. He also accepted the role of Treasurer. I'm sure Bob would support someone else stepping up and taking on the Treasurer role?

Aaren Jensen (VA7AEJ) is the new Vice President and will continue with the Website and Rag Chew email newsletters.

Sam Vincent (VE7SDV) is the new Club Secretary.

Jesse Loyd (VE7LYD) fills the final Director posistion and will remain the clubs Technical lead.


The new executive has a busy month ahead getting all the club business in order and signed over to them. We hope to have more information for all of you in the weeks ahead.

Please remember that the 2012/2013 membership fees are due.

We are looking for new or past members to consider signing up for club membership, it's very difficult to create a diverse club atmosphere where all the aspects of Amatur Radio are represented when we have such a small membership base.

Current NORAC members are interested in HF, VHF/UHF, Emergency Communications, CW, SSB, and Digital Modes, as well as home brew antennas and equipment. Pretty much everything related to amatuer radio. We just need a larger base and variety of people and interests to sign up, show up, and participate.

Listening to locals talking about what this club 'should be doing' is difficult when people don't participate in the club anymore, and don't provide their wisdom or suggestions to the current club members or executive. It's a hard pattern to break out of when people lose interest and clubs get smaller, and everyone's complaints and reasons for not participating are becasue their interests don't seem represented.

Maybe you and a few friends who share a common interest in Amateur Radio need to break the trend and sign-up, support the club, and drive the things that interest you into the clubs agenda.

As the NORAC executive trust me, we are interested and listening.