February 3, 2023 - Vernon, BC, Canada

Another Vernon Winter Carnival Parade went off without a hitch thanks to the NORAC members who volunteered to organize the parade staging and release.

Members in attendance included:

Cary Benson, VA7MXY
Robert Byrne, VE7EZI
Grace Byrne, VE7IGB
Mike Dennison, VA7XDM
Paul Elmont, VE7PDE
Jerome Hildebrand, VE7JAR
Elijah Hildebrand, VA7EHR
Bud Kuzenko, VE7KBK
Ritchie Leslie, VA7RLX
Alex Mulder, VE7NOC
Wilf Mulder, VE7OHM
Colin Parkes, VA7EEH
Richard Reeves, VE7NT
David Sinclair, VA7DRS
David Skelhon, VA7SZ
Doug Stewart, VA7CPS
Michael Van Kuyk, VE7KPZ
Felix Volta, VA7VOL
Jane Weitzel, VE7WWJ
Jake Wendland, VE7WEA (and YL)

Adding up prep time (approximately 16 hours for Bob, David, Cary and Wilf) and then 4 hours of service by each volunteer on the day, we are looking at around 100 community service hours!

Kudos to the all of the volunteers. This was one of our best volunteer turnouts and the smoothness of the organization and parade execution reflected that.

73 and thanks to all of our volunteers,