Routers Breaking News - September 19, 2023 - Michal VE7MHX reporting


On the weekend of September 8th, 2023, three intrepid Ham radio operators braved poor band conditions, high/low/just right temperatures, smoke, huge grizblackmurder bears, deathskitos, youths and their motor cross bikes, aggressive chipmunks, and lack of fish at the edge of the world Grizzly Lake Recreational site.

Their objective was to set up their radios and antennas, eat beans and hot dogs and chips, and get as many QSOs as possible.

First to show up were Sirs Howard "Christopher Columbus" Sisson (VA7PWF) and Cary "Leif Ericsson" Benson (VA7MXY) along with his friend Beau who established their presence and camp.  Next to show up was Michal "Yuri Gagarin" Hoppe (VE7MHX/VE7TMZ).  Last (but certainly not least) was Colin "Captain James Cook" Parkes (VA7EEH).  Shanta (VE7TIT) also stopped by for a visit with his pedal bike.

The team, while fearing for their wives, setup the following:


  • Yaesu FT-891 + tuner
  • recently brought back from the dead Xiegu X108G + tuner
  • NESDR smart
  • Chinesium 2m/70cm mobile radio


  • Dave S. antenna workshop unun + 10m of electrical fencing wire EFHW attached to a fishing pole
  • homemade 2m/70cm ground plane antenna
  • Palomar 71' EFHW 
  • Chameleon 17' whip with "magic carpets" (aka two Canadian Tire aluminum windows screens) radials
  • Wolf River Coils TIA1000+ vertical with a small “magic carpet” (aka one small Home Depot aluminum window screen) radial

When Colin "Captain James Cook" Parkes showed up on Sunday, the ante went up, as he set up his what might as well have been a 1000m tall "Princess Auto Surplus" antenna mast, HMS Parkes, with 3 Guy's wires and 2 antennas.  Not having enough time to test the antennas with an actual radio did not deter as the RST reports came back <1 (sometimes even on Ham bands) from the fancy antenna analyzer on the following:

  • fan dipole 40-20-15 in inverted V configuration
  • PAC-12 portable vertical

Much fun was had, there might have been a few drinks, a lot of laughs, and Eddie Van "Hoppe" might have played his guitar at the propane camp fire (as an actual fire was banned).  SSB interpretive dances were discussed.  Of the 100 Tim Horton's Timbits that were brought, the team had 7, as the rest were stolen by the brazen Chipmunks.  Other campers were met and our wonderful hobby was showcased.

The weekend wrapped up with many phone only QSOs made (as no one could get their laptops working), the Sunday NORAC net joined, a definitive win for Colin "Captain James Cook" Parkes in the my antenna is bigger than yours category, and great memories for all.

Here's to next time!


Michal, Cary, Howard, and Colin


Grizzly Lake


Camp and radios


Brazen Chipmunk with a stolen Timbit (who obviously does not care about getting fat or Diabetes)


Fishing pole EFHW and Chameleon 17' whip with "magic carpets"